About Me

I’ve always been known as the “kid with the book” and spent my summers systematically blowing through each section at my local library branch and winning contests for the most books read.

I’ll read just about every genre and really love me some true crime, but my true book soul mates are romance.  Based on my personality (or lack of) people are surprised by how much romance I read but there’s just something about a good connection- between me, the characters and each other- that just melts my cold heart.  Although, often I just like a good ol’ fashioned dirty story.

My husband is sick of hearing me talking about books he’s never read and he just doesn’t understand the excitement I experience as release dates for new books from my favourite authors approach so I’m just going to put it all out there on the internet!

When I’m not reading I’m a wife, mom of two school-aged kids and work in local government.