What about DNF?

What To Do About DNF?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post and today I’m going to get real. I read a lot. I’d like to say it’s my personal policy to that I review every book I read, but honestly I’m just not that dedicated a blogger. And I way prefer reading to reviewing. I’d say 80% of the time I finish a book and immediately pick up the next one.

I still consider myself a newbie to the blogging world and really there’s no rhyme or reason to what I review and what I don’t. I try to write reviews for my favourite authors and books I loved if for no other reason than to get their names out there because I think everyone should read them.

There are also books I read that just weren’t for me or even worse, that I couldn’t even make it all the way through. This doesn’t mean the book was bad, just that it wasn’t for me. Unfortunately, lately there have been a lot of these books which leaves me in a weird grey spot as a blogger. What do I do about the books I don’t finish? I don’t mean I read a chapter, wasn’t feeling it and decided to try again later. I mean the ones that had something glaringly bad, have a topic that is an automatic do not finish for me, or the ones I read to 50% off and just can’t force myself to get the rest of the way through. Should I do mini-reviews of these books? My blogs are always 100% my opinion and I’ve been thinking that I should I be leaving my thoughts and feelings about these books on the internet positive or negative. Potentially even to save someone else with similar book tastes to me from picking up something that’s inherently bad or has as had limit.

I always want to be honest and upfront about what I read and I’ve felt like lately my DNF’d are taking up more and more of shelf space which leaves me with fewer and fewer reviews if I’m not talking about them.

What are your thoughts? Is anyone else finding they have an increase in DNF’d books lately? Am I becoming more sensitive or is my book honeymoon over?


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