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Confession #1: I used to be a puck bunny, but after a hockey player broke my heart, I gave up all things hockey. Now I’m just focused on finding a way to pass my math class so I can graduate college.

Confession #2: Ryder “Ox” Maddox’s deep, sexy voice sends fuzzy tingles through my entire body, and I’m powerless to stop it. Which is a big problem since the hot, surprisingly funny hockey player is my new math tutor.

Confession #3: I can’t stop thinking about how ripped Ryder is from all his hockey training, and how fun it’d be to cross lines with him.

Confession #4: I kissed a hockey player and I liked it.

Confession #5: If I’m not careful, I might relapse and fall for Ryder, and then I’ll be totally pucked.


 When this book came across my radar everything about it called to me.  The description, the cover, the very high chance for a happily ever after (I really need my books to have a HEA).  Confessions of a Former Puck Bunny is an NA sports romance and #4 in the Taking Shots series by Cindi Madsen.

For some reason, I hadn’t realized that this book was a part of a series, while reading out of order is not typically something I would do I decided to persevere without pausing to read the others in the series first.  I’m so glad that I did.  This book was cute and sweet with an excellent beta hero.  While it was clear there were other couples that came first the story didn’t rely heavily on knowing this details and I was able to follow alone without any problem.

Now, the good part.  We need to talk about Ryder.  I just love a sweet, smart, caring hero and Ryder had it all going for him.  A hockey player with muscles upon muscles who’s sensitive and sweet and academically smart? Yes, please!!

Lindsay the heroine is a reformed puck bunny just trying to make it to graduation without slipping back into her puck bunny ways.  The two big obstacles are Ryder and her math grade.  Unfortunately for her, the best shot at conquering the math problem is spending more time with Ryder while he tutors her.  As she gets better at math, she starts to realize staying away from another hockey player is harder than she thought.

“If things were different . . . I could really see myself slipping.”

“Just slip.” I reached up and ran my thumb across her bottom lip, my blood pumping hotter at her sharp exhale. “I’ll catch you.”

I LOVED Ryder but I wasn’t a huge fan of Lindsay in the beginning of the story. She put up a lot of the obstacles between them. I found she was sometimes unnecessarily mean and actually fairly immature even though she was two years older than Ryder (although, can I just mention how much I love that our hero is younger?) He was thoughtful and considerate of feelings for most of the book like a true beta would be. Ryder really took his time, chased her, and always saw them as long-term even when Lindsay couldn’t.

“In the moments she laughed and fired off those quick comebacks, I was sure she felt the same spark I did, but before she let herself fully enjoy it, she’d quickly pull away.”

The story was fairly predictable but oh, so sweet and I was right about the HEA.  Overall this was a well written, very sweet NA story and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an easy read with a guaranteed happy ending.  I’m definitely adding the other books in the series to my to be read list!


Note: I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.

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About Cindi Madsen:

Cindi Madsen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and young adult novels. She sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting, revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a pretty new pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music and dancing and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children.

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